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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Christine Wright

  • Knee replacement

“I had a fall and had severe pain in my right knee.I thought (due to my age)that I was too old for surgery...but after one visit with Dr Lyman ,he did a knee replacement.I am now walking with no pain.Dr Lyman is not only a fine Dr.,he is also a caring man.I always felt that I had visited a freind. I miss my visits to his office. Christine Wright”

Carolee Whitney

  • Evaluation for knee replacement

“I came to Dr. Lyman by referral for evaluation for knee replacement. I had been on narcotics for 6 years for another condition. He cautioned me that I would have better results with the surgery if I was off the narcotics. He suggested that I get some physical therapy to strengthen my leg and highly recommended that I get off the narcotics. I went to the Wellness Center associated with Shoshone Medical Center. My therapist was incredible. The first visit I could not lift the leg that was giving me trouble. In a few weeks she had me up and walking with very little pain. It's now a year later and I am very active. I now work at the wellness center and can use the equipment. I also purchased a bike which I love. Dr. Lyman, if you read this, thank you so much for turning my life around. I am narcotic free and teaching the Fit and Fall Proof class at the Wellness Center. It's for Seniors. My Torn Meniscus is manageable. I'm trying to stay active and mobile. Your staff is wonderful also. Carolee Whitney, Osburn, Idaho”

Mark Paulson

  • Total Knee Replacement

“At age 52 and after abusing my body for decades with an assortment of debilitating physical sports, my entire body was breaking down due to the way the body compensates joint-to-joint to alleviate the effects of injury, loss of strength, and age. Though earlier than most TKRs, I figured it was time to gain back some mobility, save other joints, and have my quality of life back. While I researched many orthopaedic surgeons and was on a quest for the best possible doc, I had followed Dr. Lyman from his days in Scottsdale, AZ. Being on the cutting edge of many clinical trials, as well as having an outstanding reputation, I opted to go with Dr. Lyman. Not once have I regretted my decision. His staff is top notch, they are thorough, I've never felt rushed, he always takes the necessary time to answer my questions, and he has gone beyond the call to put me at ease when my own brain seemed to be getting in the way. I've referred Dr. Lyman and ONLY Dr. Lyman numerous times to those I have discussed a TKR with. I truly hope he is around practicing for a long time, so he can take care of my other knee once it is time. Thank you to Dr. Lyman and you staff for all you have done for me and I know others. ”

Robert Cueter

“The emergency team that dealt with the first minutes and weeks of trauma after that truck hit our son Robert did their best, but Robert still suffered excruciating pain into months following the accident. Finally, we found our way to Dr. Lyman. He studied the medical film/reports and noted several problems with tendons, ligaments, even a screw backing itself out of bone that were causing pain, and that pain dramatically subsided soon after surgery by Dr. Lyman. Robert still has a way to go...after all his leg was nearly severed at the knee and he may never have a normal leg, but if he does, it will be largely due to Dr. Lyman's special knowledge, perception, surgical skills, his post-op treatment and care of Robert. He is Robert's blessing. Then, Robert's father fell and broke his hip. We are twice blessed. Thank you Dr. Lyman.”

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