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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Oksane Pierce

“After dealing with severe knee pain for several years, on 9/14/2010 I had knee replacement surgery, which was performed by Dr. Lyman. Prior to that date, I had several appointments at the office and found the staff to be extremely helpful and friendly. I was very apprehensive about the surgery, but the office staff and Dr. Lyman made me feel comfortable and explained the entire process. The surgery went very well. It has been only about a month since my surgery, and I am able to move around without much help and with little or no pain. Dr. Lyman has done an excellent job on my knee, and I would highly recommend him for knee replacement surgery. I keep saying that he walks on water!”

Anne McDonald RN BSN

“I was diagnosed with a loosened knee prosthesis in May 2010. My original surgeon does not do knee revisions. That was my first mistake in choosing my former surgeon. A surgeon should always be able to fix his own mistakes. I researched Doctors who are able to do revision surgery and Dr. Lyman was my choice. After walking on a loose knee for six months , I feared that the surgery and recovery was going to be twice as long and difficult as the first surgery. I was totally wrong. I was an Infection Control Practitioner for 8 years.and it is evident that Dr. Lyman pays meticulous attention to infection control. Infection is probably your worst enemy wiht knee surgery. Dr. Lyman opereated on my knee on Oct 26th. My surgery took twice as long as my first surgery because as Dr. Lyman said my knee was a mess. With this in mind, I was ready for discharge in 24 hours. I was up walking with a walker 4 hours after surgery. I was walking without a walker in three days and never took one pain pill with the exception of Tylenol . I am now starting my 4th week of Rehab, and my Physical Therapist tells me my recovery has been amazing. Not only is Dr. Lyman a superb surgeon, his bedside manner is supportive and caring. My professional advice is choose Dr. Lyman.”

shirley goldman

“I had knee replacement 23 days ago and I am almost back to new. Dr Lyman and his staff were unbelievable. I did interview other doctors before I chose Dr Lyman. I definetly made the right choice.”

Delores Dietrich

“I am very pleased with the knee replacement surgery preformed by Dr. Lyman; and even more pleased with post-surgery follow-up. His sincere interest and concern for my recovery progress was especially impressive. I would strongly recommend Dr. Lyman to anyone needing knee replacement surgery. His assistants and staff are top of the field when in comes helping you with any need.


Delores Dietrich”

shirley goldman

“I am wrting another testimonial about Dr Lyman and his staff as I did not write enough the first time. I have never been to a Dr.s office that treats you like they do. They answer your questions immediately, and you dont have to wait all days for the dr. too call you back. Dr Lyman is a very caring and wonderful surgeon, and his staff is very caring and wonderful too.”


“What a great experience! No really. Dr Lyman did an ACL reconstruction and some cartilage repair/clean up. This experience was significantly better than my previous ACL repair which had me laid up for quite awhile and resulted in a disappointing outcome.

I am 4 weeks out and back in the gym. My gait is normal. I have very little pain. I see no reason why I will not be able to resume my running routine.

I had the surgery done in the midst of a move. Just a few days after surgery, I was able to be on my feet all day packing and unpacking. I was also able to tend to my 4 year old's needs.

I found Dr Lyman to be kind and caring. He took his time reviewing test results and answering questions. I never had the sense he was rushed. The office staff was relaxed and friendly and returned calls promptly.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Lyman to anyone with knee issues.”

Dan Klopman

“This was my fourth surgery and fourth different doctor trying to resolve a knee issue that has lingered for 33 years. I have to say I was extremely happy with the office staff and their caring attitude. I was able to discuss my concerns with Dr. Lyman and he addressed all questions with no rush to move to the next appointment until we were through. Follow ups were just as complete. Overall results are fantastic, after 33 years of trying different doctors and therapies I am now 11+ weeks out since surgery and pain free. Dr. Lyman has given me the opportunity to volunteer with local law enforcement that I otherwise would not have been able to do.

Thank you Dr. Lyman and Staff!!

Dan Klopman”

Bonnie Lahr

“I am an 80 year old lady who spent a great deal of time searching for a good orthopedist to take care of my knee pain. After asking friends, and neighbors, I resorted to the internet. After viewing many profiles of AZ orthopedists I decided to go to Dr. Lyman. Thank God I did. I would recommend him to anyone needing knee help. He performed a total knee replacement, and was a very capable doctor. He is caring, informative and willing to spend all the time needed to answer any questions one might have (I had 3 pages of them) This kind of doctor is extremely hard to find! If you have knee pain or problems, look no further than Dr. Lyman Bonnie Lahr (A very happy patient)”

gary lett

“Dr. Lyman performed my knee replacement to repair extensive damage that had affected my quality of life for years. As a Letter Carrier for over 30 years, I was amazed at the minimal invasiveness and recovery time required for me to resume walking long distances daily. Dr. Lyman is an amazingly skilled surgeon and his staff is phenomenal.”

Janet brown

“I am 67 yr old who suffered about 20+ years with painful knees. In fear of this surgery I put it off and off. In may 2010 I made up my mind that I did not wantbto live this way any longer. I researched for many months and found Dr Lyman and I paid him a visit. I knew the day I walked outbof his practice thatvhe was going to fix my knees, I totally fell in love with him. He was kind, gentle, patient and most of all willing to fix my knees. Because I wanted to enjoy my summer I made my appointment for sept 2010 to do my RTKR. My experience was so wonderful I went in 9 weeks later and he did my LTKR. I had a trouble free experience, spent 48 hrs in the hospital which could have been 36 hrs for both knees. I felt the only way I could show my respect for this wonderful surgeon was to do the very hard work afterwards. I am 5 months and 3 months post op and I walk with out pain for the first time for as long as I remember. I walk daily, bend those knees, and swim along with many other things I love to do. You will not in my opinion find a more caring, talented surgeon along with his staff to care for you and he will change your life.”

Ron Poe

  • knee Replacements

“Before I chose a surgeon, I did my research on the latest state of the art type of knee replacement surgery that is currently being done. Upon discovering the computer assisted surgery technique, I began searching for a surgeon who used this technique. Dr. Lymans ratings are of the highest and I made an appointment to meet with him.

From the very first appointment with Dr. Lyman and his staff, we felt we were working with a very qualified, skilled & caring physician. He takes time to explain everything you need to know. I had knee replacement surgery for both knees just 2 month apart. The follow-up appointments were with Dr Lyman personally and not with a staff member. The entire staff is caring and helpful. They have always responded to our calls quickly and efficiently. Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak hospital and staff was of the highest standards and care. The physical therapist that I worked with were all amazed at how quickly my recovery was after my surgeries.

I have my life back, I am walking every day and riding my exercise bike daily. I am looking forward to hiking this summer. I highly recommend that if you need treatment for your knees, you need to vist with Dr Lyman. You will have the best of treatment and care.”

Sue F

  • Arthroscopic surgery

“Months of knee pain - that continued to worsen - led me to Dr. Lyman's office. Diagnosis was prompt, treatment options were clearly explained, and once the decision to do surgery was reached the scheduling process was amazingly fast and easy. The recovery from surgery was harder than I expected, but physical therapy and office visit follow-ups were "just what the doctor ordered"! Three weeks out I was moving well and mostly pain free, and now - five weeks out - my knee is flexible, strong and completely pain free. Most important to me...I'm back on my horse and confident that my knee will work properly. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Lyman's office - you're wonderful!”

James Chalmers

“I had problems with my knee for nearly two years with the result that my outdoor activities were increasingly compromised (eliminated!). After multiple x-rays, MRI's, arthroscopy, injections and several Doctors, Dr. Lyman was the first Doc that made it absolutely clear to me what the issue was and that TKR was the right solution. The surgery went well, Thompson Peak is a great hospital and four weeks after the surgery (with some aggressive PT) I had excellent mobility. I'm at 8 weeks now and taking brisk, one hour plus walks through the desert with the dogs. No pain. Very pleased and have felt excellent communication with, and support from, Dr. Lyman and his staff throughout.”

Snookie Roberts

  • TKR Both Knees

“I had been living with debilitating knee pain for far to long! My quality of like had deteriorated so fast and depending on how intense my knee pain was determined what I could do each day. Dr. Lyman has changed my life, not only is he an extremely skilled surgeon but also a very caring doctor! I had two TKR procedures, my right knee in March 2010, and my left in February 2011 at Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak. The staff at the hospital was excellent, with my first surgery, I was in the hospital for two days, and with my second surgery, I was there only one day! I have minimal scaring on both knees and I was able to return to work in only five weeks after surgery with great mobility and minimal pain. I am sad to see Dr. Lyman leave Scottsdale, he has been a lifesaver to me, and I will forever be grateful to him. Best Wishes, Snookie Roberts”

Shirley Fandrich

  • Total Knee Replacement

“Last year my knee pain became so debilitating I couldn't enjoy life anymore. I asked my primary doctor about total knee replacement. He suggested Dr. Lyman and said "He is very good at what he does." He certainly is. My physical therapist was amazed at my rate of recovery, and after 3 weeks, I was walking without a cane. Dr. Lyman and his staff are very professional and kind showing much concern for the wellbeing and healing of the patient by reducing strong pain medication quite rapidly. Dr. Lyman and his staff all rejoiced at my recovery on my last visit. I felt like I had graduated.

I am now back in North Dakota, and feel so blessed to have had Dr. Lyman as my surgeon.”

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