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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Keith McAuley

“As an owner of the Arizona Thunder and Tempe Rams adult amateur football teams in the Copper State Football League, we have had the opportunity to use the services of Dr. Lyman numerous times for ACL reconstruction and Micro-fracture surgery.

The goal of our organization and that of the players is to get the best possible results with minimal downtime as most of our players have full-time jobs. Dr. Lyman has been able to fulfill our expectations.

Our players typically can expect to return to light duty work within seven days after surgery and following the prescribed regime of physical therapy are typically cleared to play at the six month mark. The players are participating at 100 percent, it is absolutely incredible.

It is with great pride that I recommend Dr. Lyman and his staff to not only every athlete, but every person who is concerned about accurate diagnosis, quality surgery and minimal downtime.”

Brandon Vallier

“If you have any concerns or reservations about having knee surgery, all you have to do is have one appointment with Dr. Lyman and you will have neither. I had reconstructive knee surgery 8 years ago by a doctor named (this name deleted by web administrator), the same surgeon that operated on (again, deleted) of the 49ers knee. The experiences have been a day and night difference. From start to finish he has exceeded my expectations and my recovery time has been extremely quick. 8 years ago I was in bed for over a week and on crutches for almost 3 weeks. With Dr Lyman, I had surgery on Friday afternoon and was walking around without crutches on Sunday. Then two days later I wasn't even limping and when walking around, if you didn't know better you wouldn't know which knee I had surgery on. I would highly recommend Dr Lyman to anyone considering knee surgery and you won't be disappointed.”

Nora Lee Olson RN BSN

“As a nurse on an orthopedic unit in a local hospital here in Phoenix I am responsible for utilization management and some discharge planning I have observed many orthopedic surgery patients and their physician. So when the arthritis in my knees got to be an issue I sought out the best orthopedic surgeon I knew and that was Dr Lyman. From my initial office visit, thru the surgery and after care right down to my last follow up visit I found Dr Lyman professional and caring. He took the time to care about me as a person first and then a patient. I felt involved and prepared every step of the way. I am now almost 18 months post op from bilateral unicompartmental knee replacements and am happy to say I had it done.

Dr Lyman gets high marks in my book for his abilities as a surgeon and his bedside manor.

I ask God to continue to bless him and the work that he is doing.”

Elaina Richardson

“I had an accident on my horse, caused alot of damage to my knee. Was referred to a surgeon that was full of himself, uncaring and down right rude. I refused to see this man. One of his office staff then referred me to Dr Lyman. I could not have been more pleased. I am an accident waiting to happen, and needed several surgeries. Dr Lyman was very confident, very reassuring, and very helpfull. My first surgery, went better then planned, and he was able to conbine my next two in one appointment. He did my 4th surgery and hopefully my last for a while just two weeks ago. I am doing great. I see others in my physical therapy class who have had simialar surgeries, who have larger scars, and the healing is so much longer and more involved. Even my physical therapist said he is amazed on my progress compared to other patients he has from other surgeons. I can ride my horse with out pain, and ride a bike. I have not done that since I was in my 20's. Due to multiple accidents, I have had to have multiple surgeries, but Dr Lyman handled each accident with the most knowledge, the most caring attitude, and his bed side manner is the best ever. I realize due to arthritis, I will be back in 10-15yrs for more surgery, but I would not go to any other doctor. I thank you Dr Lyman for all you have done for me. You gave me back my life. I know you cant stop me from accidents, but I trust in you completely to fix any damage I cause. I will owe you forever.”

Yolanda Ware

“Wow, I am very pleased! I am one month out of my ACL surgery and I am already riding my mountain bike, lightly on the sidewalks, of course. But I am on it. I have had no uncomfortable pain and I am already walking without any sign of having a surgery. I cannot wait to be released to ride my dirt bike again, and I can see that will probably be no problem in 6 months. My name is Yolanda Ware and I am 40 yrs old. I believe I am fortunate to get the best ortho surgeon: Dr. Lyman!

Thank you Dr. Lyman”

Matt Stone

“I tore my ACL in July and went to three doctors before choosing Dr. Lyman as my surgeon. As a 22-year-old experiencing my first major surgery, being comfortable with my surgeon was crucial. My situation was a little different from other ACL tears, as when I damaged my knee I didn't know it -- there was no pain and minimal swelling the day after. A week after I did it I was fine again, but by that point I had learned of the tear.

So for me, to undergo such a big surgery on a knee that didn't hurt whatsoever, it was extremely hard on me mentally, and I needed a surgeon who could help me not just physically, but with keeping my head on straight as well. Dr. Lyman was that surgeon.

I'm only a week post-op as of writing this, but the knee feels great when you consider everything. I was walking on it the same day of the surgery and haven't had any major pain or need for narcotics. My physical therapists are blown away by where I'm at -- saying I'm weeks ahead of most ACL patients who come in.

Going with Dr. Lyman for my surgery was undoubtedly the right choice and I'm extremely thankful I was able to find him instead of settling for a different surgeon.

Not only is he top notch in the operating room, but he makes you confident going into the procedure -- and that's key.

Thank you, Dr. Lyman.”

Ron Huber

“I was experiencing considerable pain in my right knee and I was walking with a limp. After consultation with my family doctor, I was referred to Dr. Lyman because of deterioration of the knee due to arthritis. After discussing my options with Dr. Lyman, I chose to have knee replacement surgery. The pain is gone and I no longer walk with a limp. Dr. Lyman did an excellent job.”

Heather Hartmann

“My daughter Heather is a 15 year old basketball fanatic, and when she was 13, she suffered a knee injury during a game. While we tried our best to get her well through therapy, the pain and constant swelling continued and she developed an ossicle below her patellar tendon.

After several visits to Dr. Lyman, he determined that surgery was indeed necessary, and what I appreciated about that was the thought he had put into Heather's situation, wanting to look at all other possible options prior to surgery.

Her surgery was in early June of 2009, and through rehab she was ready to begin her sophomore season in November. She is completely pain free, her knee no longer swells as a result of any activity, and her confidence has returned. In fact, just last night, she had 12 pts on 5 of 8 shooting, including 2 of 3 on 3's, 4 steals, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds.

While the medical care provided was top notch, what sets Dr. Lyman apart is that he treated my child as if she were his own, with genuine compassion and a great desire to see her able to return to the court.

Thanks Dr. Lyman - you made a tremendous difference in her life.”

Matt Robbins

“Dr. Lyman recently performed my second ACL reconstruction and I can't say enough how happy I am with the results. Both he and his staff are professional and thoughtful of his patients. His techniques are state of the art and my down time was very limited (I was in and out of the hospital in a few hours and only missed one day of work). I am now less than eight weeks out and am walking as if I never had the surgery and the strength in my knee has improved greatly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends if they are ever in need, in fact I have already recommended him to two people I know! Thank you Dr. Lyman and team.”

Margaret Mitchell

“In January of 2009 I had a ski accident and tore my ACL. I was referred to a well known orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix who repaired my ACL using a Patellar tendon graft. Six months after the surgery I was sure there was something wrong, I was still not able to obtain full extension and I was having persistent pain with a severe limp. After several follow up appointments, x-rays and another MRI he detected another Meniscus tear and recommended another surgery. So in August of 2009 he operated again. Two months after my second surgery I was showing no improvement.

In December of 2009 I was referred to Dr. Lyman. After looking at my x-rays Dr. Lyman identified a problem and told me he could fix the problem with an ACL revision surgery. Of course I did not want to have my third surgery in less than 12 months but I had no choice and Dr. Lyman made me feel comfortable and confident that he could fix my knee. The surgery was successful and the pain was minimal compared to my first ACL surgery. I am 2 months post op and I am walking better than I have in a year. I still have more Physical Therapy ahead but I know that I made the right decision by getting a second opinion from Dr. Lyman. I only wish I had gone to him in the first place! Dr. Lyman is a compassionate and talented doctor and has restored my confidence that there are great doctors out there.”

Kevin Schwinkendorf

Kevin Schwinkendorf's photo

“I had a skiing accident back in the eighties where I had torn the ACL on my right knee, and had it reconstructed. Since then I reinjured it numerous times, and made the decision to find a good orthopetic doctor to have it checked out. Well, I found Jeff Lyman. He went over my x-rays, and MRI images with me, Explained to me my options, and what he could do for me. I was very impressed. I needed a high tibial osteotomy to correct the misalignment of the knee joint, then recoverying from that an ACL reconstruction using my hamstring tendons. I'm about ten weeks post-op from ACL procedure, and my knee is stronger, and more stable than ever. I've been bicycling everyday, and I'm very happy with the results. I'm planning a ski trip to Telluride Colorado for next season, and can't wait to get back on the slopes!”

John Gregg Jr.

“I tore the ACL in my right knee in December 2009. Dr. Lyman was recommended to me by my Son, who is the Office Manager for another doctor in Scottsdale. On February 4, 2010, Dr. Lyman performed a Anthroscopy ACL Reconstruction. It has now been almost seven weeks, I'm doing very well in physical therapy, my strength is returning, and my right knee feels and "works" as well as ever. In fact, my right knee is doing so well, that I am planning on having Dr. Lyman perfrom a total left knee replacement this fall, due to injuries I suffered (imposed upon myself)30 years ago. Thanks Dr. Lyman!”

Kevin Schwinkendorf

Kevin Schwinkendorf's photo

“Kevin Schwinkendorf update: I had a high tibial osteotomy last august, and an acl reconstruction in December. My recovery after the acl went so well that I decided to get back into the skiing scene, so I moved to Telluride, Colorado about three months ago. I've been mountain hiking almost daily, and my knee is absolutely solid with no pain of any kind. I'm very impressed, and thankful for what Jeff Lyman has done for me. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Gail Gentry

“If you are looking for an extraordinarly skilled surgeon - able and willing to do what others will not even attempt- LOOK NO FURTHER!

After 2 years and 3 surgeries with a large, multi location, prestigious practice, I was told I would be on a walker or cane WITH a knee brace for the rest of my life. I fell regularly. I had pain continuosly. The surgeon kept reassuring me this was a "good outcome".

Although I am 62 and a rubenesque lady, I was unwilling to accept that I could never walk independently again. So the quest began by my determined primary care physician and I, to find someone highly skilled and willing to try.

Finally, we found Dr. Lyman. He immediately knew what the previously undiagnosed problem was! We were looking at repairing or replacing the patella tendon, lengthening the quadricep, possible hamstring autografting and cable repair. This was not a routine surgery at all!

Within the month, January 2010, I was in surgery. Dr. Lyman prepared me for a long recovery process- 2 months in a non-weight bearing cast in a rehab facility, a few months in a wheel chair. I was hoping I might be able to walk independently by the end of 2010.

By April I was walking independently. I was pain free for the first time in 20+ years!

How can I possibly express my gratitude? What can I possibly say to express the extent of this surgeon's talent? He is willing to try and can succeed in what is hopeless to other well reputed surgeons. Stop looking - this is the place - this is the team- this is the surgeon!”

Josephine Work

“I had a consultation appointment on Wednesday, August 29th. I want to thank and congratulate Dr. Lyman and his staff for all the courtesy, kindness, knowledge and assistance given to me. In spite of Dr. Lyman's busy schedule, he took the time to answer all of my and Grant's questions and made me feel like I am his only patient!!! Although I can't say I look forward to my knee replacement because of cowardice, I can definitely say that I will not hesitate to have Dr. Lyman do the surgery as soon as I am ready. Keep up the good work and God bless all of you.”

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