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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Carie J

  • ACL replacement

“I am 39 years old and live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am quite active, playing organized sports and enjoy biking, running, watersports, skiing, etc. I had been on a wait list for ACL surgery with a local (Alberta) surgeon for several months and grew impatient with the wait time. I began to look at other options and thatâs when I spotted the ad for The Lyman Knee Clinic in Impact Magazine, a local publication. In my initial consultation with Dr. Lyman I found him to be very approachable and friendly. He took the time to answer all of my questions without making me feel rushed and I felt he provided honest answers and did not pressure me at all to follow through with the surgery. In selecting my surgery date, Dr. Lyman and his staff were very accommodating in allowing me to choose a date that would fit my needs and with almost no wait time. The surgery centre was new and the staff friendly. I believe I was in and out of the surgery centre within 5 hours and could immediately bear weight. Post-surgery I had very little pain and was completely off pain medication after day four. I am currently at week eight, post-surgery, and while Iâve acquired patellar tendinitis, Dr. Lyman has given me the exercises I need to eliminate it. My knee feels stable and continues to strengthen. I hope to be running within the next month. Besides Dr. Lymanâs friendly, professional manner, his favourable credentials and the friendliness of his staff, another reason I chose The Lyman Knee Clinic was that the quoted fee was a one-time charge; there were no surprise costs. I will confidently recommend The Lyman Knee Clinic to others.”

A Joubert

  • Two Knee Replacements

“I was on crutches in constant pain with no hope of a speedy solution when I found the Lyman Knee Clinic online, while searching for knee surgery. I needed knee replacements in both knees and visualized the next year in my life recovering from surgery and getting back on my feet. Since my first meeting with dr Lyman I felt much better and knew there was a solution in the not too far future. I was in theater less than two weeks later and everything about the recovery was remarkably faster and above expectations. My general health was good and I am in my early 50s. I was walking on crutches the evening of the surgery â going to the washroom all by myself. Pain management was done carefully and super effectively. 10 weeks after the first knee the other knee was done. Within two weeks of the operations I walked without any crutches. I experienced Dr Lyman as very professional, friendly and approachable and his staff the same. ”

Pamela Ferguson

  • Ankle ORIF
Pamela Ferguson's photo

“On November 20 I had a total right hip replacement and just 8 weeks out slipped on

ice and had multiple right ankle fractures. A good Samaritan took to the ER at KMC and Dr. Lyman was on call. He was kind but straightforward about the long recovery process ahead for me. Although initially painful my incisions look amazing clean and infection free. I am still non wt bearing but I am very impressed with his care for me and his kindness.”


  • Sons ACL/knee reconstruction

“All I can say is that Dr Lyman is my hero! My son came home from college during Thanksgiving break and had an accident where he pretty much shattered everything in his knee .My son is going to school on a baseball scholarship so it was a very scary time. Dr. Lyman's provided an appointment for us the next following day and after examining his MRI, the Dr. determined that he needed surgery right away to provide the best outcome for him and therefore scheduled an emergency schedule for early the following morning. Even though he was not scheduled to work and had planned to go out of town on his holiday vacation, he made my son his top priority to do his surgery. Before the surgery when Dr Lyman reached out to me and told me that he would treat my son as if he was a member of his family, I knew he was in the best hands. This Thanksgiving, I am most thankful to Dr Lyman for taking such good care of my son. Thank you for your dedication and even checking on him after surgery when your were out of town! ”

Barb Lowman

  • Knee Replacement

“North Idaho is so very fortunate to have such a skilled professional available to evaluate and take care of our knee problems. I'm delighted that I found him.

Being a 78 year old female in reasonably good health, I had no intentions of giving up my golf clubs or my bike due to a bad knee.

My knee replacement surgery went exceptionally well. I immediately started physical therapy after surgery and I had the desired range of motion much sooner than expected along with complete cycles on the bicycle the third time I was on it. My therapist was thrilled. I only needed a walker for three days and had no discomfort or pain to speak of. I did use a cane for a couple of weeks for balance and stability if I left the house. I was amazed! Although it was only a par three golf course, I was playing seven weeks after surgery and walking and pulling my clubs. My playing partners couldn't belive how well I was doing.

Dr. Lyman would be the first thing that would come to mind should my other knee need attention. He was patient, answering all questions, never rushing out of the room and his staff was always friendly, helpful and cheerful - and you just don't find this in most health care facilities.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lyman with his extraordinary skills and the people he has surrounded himself with. A whole lot of pluses and not one negative.

Cheers to the Lyman Knee Clinic!”

priscilla bell

  • double knee replacement

“Dr. Lyman performed my double knee replacement 6 weeks ago and I am doing amazingly well! My knee flexion is 134 degrees, which is exceptional, I am walking well and doing things I haven't been able to do in a long time. Double knee surgery is difficult, but Dr. Lyman's technique and use of technology to properly align all parts made the process much less painful and difficult than I expected. Plus, he is personable and caring and he really knows knees! I have total confidence in Dr. Lyman and highly recommend him!”

Kevin Schwinkendprf

  • Closed wedge high tibial osteotomy/ acl reconstruction

“Update: Just finished another great ski season in Telluride! Over 100 days skiing! Had a few falls, but no injuries. My knee is holding up very well. Thanks again Jeff!

Kevin Schwinkendorf”

Kevin Schwinkendorf

  • Closed wedge high tibial osteotomy/ acl reconstruction
Kevin Schwinkendorf's photo

“Update: Just finish another ski season in Telluride on my new knee. I skied about seventy five days with absolutely no problems with the knee. Looking forward to hiking, and mountain biking this summer! Thanks again Jeff Lyman!”

Mary Miller

  • Repair Torn Meniscus
Mary Miller's photo

“OK... now that I'm not totally loopy... I just want to share my experience with Dr. Jeffrey Lyman and his staff. This is where my IV went in. Punctures, for blood or IV I grade on pain and bruise. This was the least painful, no bruising puncture I have EVER had, and I've had quite a few!! Dr. Lyman and his staff at HIS surgery center and office give OUTSTANDING health care and "customer" patient service. I will drive HOURS for a good doctor. Remember, 1/2 of the doctors graduate in the lower half of their class. This guy and his staff are definitely in the top!! I had a "honkin' " tear as he put it AND my MRI showed NO SIGNS of injury, with the exception of fluid being present. I was walking without pain immediately after surgery. So... if you need knee surgery or a knee specialist in the CDA area he's your guy! It's easy to find a doctor, it's not so easy to find a good one.”

Marilyn Shipley

  • total knee replacement
Marilyn Shipley's photo

“I can't tell you how many years I put off needed knee surgery because I was anxious about the whole thing and I could not find a good surgeon.

When I could not stand the pain any more I decided to hit it head on. I did my research that led me to Dr. Jeffrey Lyman.

The whole experience from start to finish was great. Dr. Lyman and his staff were just what I needed. Each one was so calming and explained everything very clearly.

Dr. Lyman is such a warm and comforting human being who really has his system organized. The patient comes first. I look back at a very pleasant experience and I will return to the Dr. Lyman when it comes time for my next knee replacement. Thank you everyone. I am now up and walking the hills and back to my normal routine.

Marilyn Shipley”

Linda Orr

“For 35 years of my life I visited doctor after doctor to deal with my chronic knee pain. The usual treatment consisted of knee injections and Advil. I was at my lowest debilitating point, which I could barely walk or move without excruciating pain. I had become skeptic that I'd find a Doctor that could help me.

On my first visit to Dr Lyman's, he informed me that my legs were so deformed "knock-kneed", and that was the root cause of my troubles. I struggled with the thought that at the age of 35, I learned my legs were crooked! The first question I asked was, "Can you fix it?" He said, "I can", and he did! Dr. Lyman was able to correct the deformity (straighten my legs) and save me from having full knee replacements on both legs.

Dr. Lyman preformed a surgery (Femur Osteotomy) that no other Orthopedic Surgeon in Arizona provides. I've been told that the corrections he had to make to fix my knee's is unheard of.

Dr. Lyman guided me through the entire surgical process. I had complete understanding of what to expect, how long it would take to heal, potential complications, and he keep me abreast of my progress throughout the 6 month re-construction.

I'm able to move and walk without pain now. I'm able to successfully do my normal day-to-day activities with ease. I now not only have my legs back, but I have my life back!

If your looking for an extraordinary Orthopedic Surgeon, look no further than Dr. Lyman. You can expect to be treated with respect and kindness from Dr. Lyman and his staff.

I'm no longer a skeptic, I'm a believer!

Thank you does not seem to do justice to how grateful I am to Dr. Lyman and his team.


Linda Orr”

Peggy Moniz

  • Total Knee Replacements

“I have been terrified of knee surgery for years; horror stories from friends who had bad experiences and my own botched knee surgery many years ago. For almost 20 years I could not walk without constant pain.

My primary care doctor suggested I consult Dr. Lyman and after I explained all my fears to him, he assured me that the practices I described were no longer in use.

I watched a video that explained the procedure he uses and showed drawings of what would occur. I was amazed! Could this work for me? Could I walk without pain?

My right knee was replaced in September and my left knee in November. Before Christmas I was running around pain free!

The walker and cane will be donated to charity! I can't believe how wonderful it is to walk around! No falling!

Dr. Lyman has given me so much - I now have two straight legs, feet that completely hit the floor, and an ability to walk PAIN

FREE!! I feel like my life has been given back to me. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Lyman and his friendly helpful staff!”

Fred White

  • Total Knee Replacement

“Years of work and play, have taken their toll on my right knee, thus not allowing me to continue enjoying life. Injections had no lasting effect. I had an MRI done and was highly recommended by my primary care physician, to Dr. Jeffery Lyman. Surgery was performed in January of 2012. Six weeks later and ten sessions of physical therapy, I have full movement in my knee and I am virtually pain free. I walk, bike and exercise daily and back to a normal routine.

Dr. Lyman and his staff are amazing. I was treated with the utmost compassion and kindness, easy to talk to, caring individuals. I would highly endorse Dr. Jeffery Lyman as a knowledgeable and skilled surgeon.

Thank you so very much”

Dan Smith

  • Knee Replacement

“Dr. Jeff Lyman did my knee with total professionality. I was impressed with his low key ability to fully explain the procedure, his friendly staff, and his commitment to my recovery. Dr. Lyman is the 5th orthopedic surgeon I've dealt with on this bad knee. All were very competant but he gets my highest rating.”

Derren T.

  • PCL, LCL, Post Lateral Corner

“Dr. Lyman is the MAN! I tore my ACL in 1987 as a teenager, I had reconstructive surgery at that time. Two days before Christmas 12/23/2010 I was riding a motorcycle in the desert and collided with a UTV - it won. I was a new resident of Arizona and went to the first knee doctor I could find - who after doing X-rays told me my knee was so messed up he did not know how to fix it. I was then referred to Dr. Lyman by a Radiologist friend of mine. I visited Dr. Lyman who indicated that my knee was a "disaster" but we had 3 options. Do reconstructive surgery again, do a full knee replacement, or fuse my leg. We had to wait a couple months for a puncture wound to heal on my leg before surgery. We elected to do the reconstructive surgery due to my age -42 - Dr. Lyman feared I would wear out the Knee Replacement. Dr. Lyman performed surgery on 2/15/2011. It has now been just over 1 year. My knee feels better and stronger than it did prior to my accident and surgery. I can not thank him enough for what he did. I am back mountain biking and riding my motorcycle and feeling fantastic.”

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